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Acrylic Fidget Spinners


These Fidget Spinners are all the rage and you will be right on trend by getting your hands on them now. Named "The Must-Have Office Toy for 2017" by Forbes Magazine, our fully custom etched, 1/4" black acrylic version were some of the first to hit the mainstream market in Hawaii and comes with premium Bones® REDS® Bearings that have been pre-cleaned and installed for your convenience. Get your fully custom, Shaka style and be the envy of any party!

The option to add-on 3D printed bearing caps for easier spinning and desktop spinning is now available for just $1 more!

* (Brown backing purposely left on so you can get the satisfaction of peeling it off yourself. :) That, and it keeps your spinner so fresh and so clean. Your spinner may also appear cloudy or dirty at first. We apply car wax to the face of the spinner to prevent scratching. Simply use a microfiber cloth to wipe excess residue from the spinner.) Item is made with acrylic so we do not recommend doing tricks with these as they may crack if dropped.

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